Rustic BirdHouses

Rustic Birdhouses harmonize with their natural environment blending in subtly with the color and texture of the trees and branches in the yard camouflaging them from predators.

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Although brightly colored and decorated bird houses may be beautiful to your eye, but they also may bring unwanted attention to the birds inside and may pose potential danger to the baby birds.

In the wild, bird nests are well hidden to keep predators away, therefore building a rustic bird house will help blend the nesting box into the background.

Making rustic birdhouses is easy and only requires a few basic hand tools, a few nails and a walk in the woods to gather materials.

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The fun part about building rustic bird houses is that anything goes and allows for an eclectic assortment of building materials. Most rustic birdhouses are made of mainly recycled wood, reclaimed barn boards, metals, natural or organic “found” objects (bark, branches/twigs, seed pods, pine cones, fallen logs, stones, shells, driftwood, etc.) all which have been aged and patinated by mother nature.

The following are just a few examples of creative rustic bird houses.

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While most birdhouses that you see these days are artfully painted, this one is artfully camouflaged. Photo taken by Rambling Round, Selma, Alabama, USA.

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A creative idea using bark and twigs. Source: thefuntimesguide

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Rustic bird houses made with slabs of wood. By KimCreations

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This natural wood bark two story birdhouse from Rocky Mountain Decor is a wonderful example of how rustic birdhouses harmonize with their natural environment.

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Your child can turn an old milk carton into a unique and quaint rustic birdhouse with the help of some twigs from the yard and a hot glue gun! Birds love a place to get out of the rain or cozy up during a snowfall. Along with making a cute new house for birds, your child will learn more about the birds native to your neighborhood! Free projects at:

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Handmade bark and woven birdbox. Source Mother-Daughter Press.

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This rough, unpolished nesting box is charmingly simple, unsophisticated and has a natural organic look that would fit naturally perched in a nature garden or hanging from a tree in any landscape.

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I love how this little birdie log house was made with the same type of bark of the tree that the house is mounted on to. It really blends into the environment and camouflages it from predators. Source:

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It is easy to learn how to make a rustic bird house like this one by Rhonda from A Photo A Day. What you need: a wooden nest box, bark, nails, hammer. Then simply arrange bark to cover the wooden box and nail into position. It is that easy! It is very important that you do not use treated pine.

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Made from Rough Wooden "Slabs" to entice Chickadees to take up residence quickly in a natural-looking "weathered" box.
Nest Boxes can be located almost anywhere and will be much more acceptable to Chickadees if you place a small amount of sawdust or wood chips inside the box. They will work to remove some of it before nesting there, which to them appears to be a hole in a rotting tree, which is a preferred natural nesting site. Source: turkeyhuntingsecrets.

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These unique rustic bird houses are made with hand split sticks, reclaimed wood rounds, river rocks, and and assortment of reclaimed materials. By RocksnTwigs.

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by The Studio at East River Road. As each piece of wood is as unique as Mother Nature designed it, so too is the rustic bird houses they produce.

You can easily turn a fairly basic boxes into rustic birdhouses by simply adding branches, bark, acorns, and other natural found objects to not only camouflage the box but to add some character. These will surprisingly bring a whole new element of life and bird song into the garden.

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Primitive all natural rustic hollow log bird house from

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Bird House with Copper Roof and Rocks Siding, By RocksnTwigs. Copper roof bird house with rock siding make up this cute house. Made from native sticks and stones from the Foothills of Northern California.

This bird house is both beautiful and functional, from the copper roof around the rocks siding and up to the roof line covered in sticks, moss and glass gems. Each twig and rock was hand glued with care. The adhesive used is non-toxic, environmentally safe, and not tested on animals. There are four screws on the floor of this house that can be removed for easy cleaning. This birdhouse is sprayed with a protective coating on the exterior to make it useable year round. The 1.5 inch entrance is perfect for wrens and sparrows. There are two screw eyes on the copper roof for hanging. Click here to see more Stone Bird Houses.

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Driftwood being a natural reclaimed or found material make excellent rustic birdhouses. Each one would be different and unique as this one from carterdriftwoodcreations.

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