Painted Garden Projects

Add a personal touch to your garden, patio, porch or gazebo
with painted garden projects.

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Transform your everyday outdoor furnishings into stunning, hand-painted garden accents.

It’s amazing how cheerful and fun a little paint can be. You don't need a green thumb to turn your yard into a work of art! Gardens and lawns spring to life with painted garden decor and it is the perfect, low-cost way to add color and visual interest to your landscape.

The following painted garden projects, tips and techniques will give you ideas on how you can add character and charm with your own unique designs and colors to liven up and add interest to your outdoor living spaces.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and creative ideas on how to create and paint different garden projects.

Please check back often for updates.

Painted Garden Furniture Painted Garden Furniture (Coming Soon!)
Hand Painted Garden Umbrellas Hand Painted Garden Umbrellas (Coming Soon!)
Painted Stepping Stones Painted Stepping Stones (Coming Soon!)
Hand Painted Garden Stakes Hand Painted Garden Stakes (Coming Soon!)
Painted Bowling Balls Painted Bowling Balls (Coming Soon!)
Painted Bird Houses Painted Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Painted Bird Feeders Painted Bird Feeders
Painted Bird Baths Painted Bird Baths
Painted Trash Cans Painted Trash Cans (Coming Soon!)
Painted Garden Sheds Painted Garden Sheds (Coming Soon!)
Painted Garden Signs Painted Garden Signs (Coming Soon!)

Painting fences, furniture, planters and other decor that you can use in your garden is not only an enjoyable expression of your creativity, but will also add a delightful decorative element to your outdoor living space.

Demonstrate your talent and attention to detail by using furniture that is hand-painted, by you! Or liven an otherwise plain porch or patio with a painted scene. You can you use your painting skills to create the look of stones, ponds, and flowers in the areas of your garden that are lacking these natural beauties, such as on the cement walkway or side fence.

Painting allows you to add color and creative dimension to the many places and small spaces in your garden that are often taken for granted.

~ Mickey Baskett, Decorating Your Garden

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