Hand Painted Bird Feeder

A hand painted bird feeder can turn a plain feeder into a decorative accent in the garden and still provide plenty of food for your feathered friends.

painted flower pot bird feeder
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No matter where you live, you can put food out in your garden, patio, balcony, or yard, and some curious and hungry bird, will show its appreciation and make an appearance. That's all it takes. Once you get started, it's hard to stop. Before you know it, you're learning bird names. After awhile, you'll start to recognize individuals and the messages in their behavior and song.

Whether you make your own feeder or purchase one already made, you can certainly make it unique with a little paint, color and imagination.

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This is an example of of how a little paint can really change the look of a plain unfinished bird feeder or bird house by Forest Street Designs.

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This handpainted bird feeder was a thrift store find bird feeder that kraftymom stained and painted. The design is the same on both sides.

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This Victorian style painted bird feeder features a spring garden themed design with a butterfly fluttering over a bed of pansies and color coordinated plum purple trim. Besides the floral design, this feeder is detailed with western red cedar shingles and scroll work on the bottom. Seeds can be placed inside the feeder by simply sliding the roof up the brass chain to reveal a seed cavity. Drainage holes help keep the inside dry.

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This gazebo style bird feeder with a long turned wood finial painted in bright colors really add fun and character, which will make this painted bird feeder a wonderful focal point in any garden. I think this is a very funky looking piece of folkart. By nyliram.com/crazyfeeder.

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Four sided hopper feeder. Custom hand painted art and designs by Michele Sprague.

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This folk art bird feeder by Bert Roelofs has wonderful colors all over and much wood carved decoration with copper and brass details. It has 4 landing poles and hangs on three antique brass chain shackles. The height measures 58 cm.(with chains 91 cm). The carved parts are from India and Moldavia. The brass dome comes from an antique dutch oil lamp and it is crowned by a silver plated antique knob from who knows where. Pure Beauty to look at in your garden or balcony while the birds flutter around it !

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Another colorful hanging bird feeder by Bert Roelof with hand painted Indian woodcarving. I love how he makes decorative use of wood finials. You can easily fill the container with seeds and always see if a refill is needed. A joyful item that would add color to a dull area of your in your garden or on your balcony.

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Hand painted bird feeders made from recycled lamp parts, by Mary Jo Stephenson. Metal top and pressed glass seed bowl painted with acrylic enamel and baked for a very durable finish. The bright colors and beautiful designs will brighten up any garden or yard decor.

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Learn how to make a Terra Cotta Dish Bird Feeder by angelmoms

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Learn how to Make a Terra Cotta Pot Bird Feeder by Inspire Me Crafts

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A decorative way to feed our feathered friends with clay flower pots. These delightful flower pot bird feeders by the Painted Petal come with matching bird seed scoops.

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What a great idea to protect suet balls from rain or snow by hanging them from an upside down painted flower pot. By craftideas.info

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Using painted clay flower pots you can create some really interesting bird feeders which could also double as a painted bird bath. This is a fun and fast way to create a bird feeder that you can place on the ground, on your porch, or on a table. Its functionality combined with bright colors will bring joy to both you and your bird friends. By daisydeecrafts.

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This “Birdfeeder With A View” is a free how to project from Deco Art

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This painted hanging feeder (could also be used as a bird bath) is a great idea for a hanging base for a dish. The dish can be easily removed for cleaning. By BestNest HomeGoods.com.

Watching birds feeding can be an enjoyable pastime. and by putting up a painted bird feeder you will find that birds will certainly come to feed in your yard. Where you live determines what you’ll see because of differences in birds range and habitat preferences. As word spreads about your feeder, the kinds of birds and the size of crowd will increase. Even if you live in the city where it seems pigeons and house sparrows are the only birds on earth, you’ll get surprise visitors that find your food or stop in on migration.

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The birds definitely won’t have any problems finding this brightly painted bird feeder by rgholder.

Make Sure To Clean Your Painted Bird Feeder Regularly
When you feed birds, expect bird droppings and a leftover food mess. While you do not have to wash the feeder daily, you should clean it at least every few weeks. Diseases like salmonella can grow in moldy, wet seed and bird droppings in your feeder tray and on the ground below. Move your feeder a few feet each season to give the ground underneath time to assimilate the seed debris and bird droppings.

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