Metal Garden Art

Metal garden art can be whimsical, playful or or even classical. Whatever your style, classic, modern or simply playful, displaying garden art made of metal will provide year-round color and personality in your garden.

metal garden wizard
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Metal yard art can be used to create a focal point in the garden or to brighten up a dull spot. From small metal garden stakes, to colorful wall art, to sculptures small and large, the possibilities are endless. With so many materials to choose from and so many creative ideas out there, I am sure you will be inspired to try and incorporate some kind of metal art into your garden.Metal garden art which can be found in steel, copper, bronze and even recycled or scrap metal are very popular. If you are an avid recycler, there are plenty of materials just laying around that can be made into creative art with a minimum amount of skill and time. Recycled steel drums or tanks, old washing machines, discarded bicycle or tricycles, antiquated farm equipment, old car parts, these all provide the raw materials for the creative eco-artist.

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Part of the appeal of recycled metal garden art is the weathered and often rusted look of some of the pieces. Rusted metal has a natural, earthy feel to it and blends with the garden rather than making a loud statement. For this reason a lot of gardeners seek out pre-rusted metal art.

You don’t have to just recycle scrap metal, you can also be creative with up-cycling old metal objects from around the house or from garage sales, such as old silverware, tin cans, small metal kitchen items, broken tools and nuts and bolts. If you feel that you don’t have the time or creative talent to make your own metal garden art, you can still add character to your garden with repurposed flea market finds. A rusty old wheelbarrow or child’s toy wagon would make a great planter, so would an old metal washtub or watering can.

The following are some projects, tips and ideas to help you embrace your inner artist and add some wonderful, whimsical metal garden art to your outdoor decor.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and ideas on how to create and decorate with metal garden art.

Please check back often for updates.

Flea Market Garden Art Flea Market Garden Art (Coming Soon!)
Garden art doesn't have to be big or cost a lot of money. Little surprises -- an unusual container, a rusty old toy wagon, a discarded bicycle -- go a long way toward giving your yard personal style and flair.
Metal Sun Sculpture Metal Sun Garden Sculpture (Coming Soon!)
Here is a fun project from HGTV, shaping bronze metal sheets into a sun art sculpture for the garden.
Garden Art From Recycled Car and Bicycle Parts Garden Art From Recycled Car and Bicycle Parts (Coming Soon!)
Looking for creative ideas on how to use your old car and bicycle parts?
Scrap Metal Garden Sculptures Scrap Metal Garden Sculptures (Coming Soon!)
Because of its durability and the design possibilities it presents, scrap metal is the perfect material for the garden and artists are embracing it to create wonderful imaginative pieces.
Copper Garden Art Copper Garden Art (Coming Soon!)
Copper art can turn any ordinary garden into an extraordinary and stunning garden.When left to oxidize it’ll age beautifully to a natural green patina. Alternatively it can be preserved using a clear coating to keep its bright, shiny look.
Crash and Burn Metal Art Crash and Burn Metal Art (Coming Soon!)
Using a car, file cabinet, oven, washing machine or just about any other scrap metal she can dig up, Elli Groninger, the artist behind Crash and Burn Metal Art, creates a variety of colorful artistic pieces intended for display anywhere in the yard.
Tin Can Man Tin Can Man (Coming Soon!)
Make a Tin Man Out of Cans. Everyone loves the tin man from Wizard of Oz, there's just something charming about him! Here are some great ideas to make this friendly back yard character from old tin food cans instead of throwing them away.
Aluminum Can Flowers Aluminum Can Flowers (Coming Soon!)
Try plucking a few interesting-looking soda cans from your recycle bin—you can cut them apart with scissors, and use the metal to make beautiful and enchanting tin can flowers.
Painted Metal Yard Art Painted Metal Yard Art (Coming Soon!)
Brightly hand painted metal art can add color and excitement to your yard.
Garden Tools Art Garden Tools Art (Coming Soon!)
You can get quite creative in making metal yard art with recycled old garden tools.
Recycled Metal Art Recycled Metal Art (Coming Soon!)
A lot of the most whimsical, enjoyable and fanciful pieces of metal garden art are produced from recycled or reclaimed metal.
Wire Garden Sculptures Wire Garden Sculptures (Coming Soon!)
The creative possibilities are endless with wire sculpture. Anything can be sculpted in wire, from small yard ornaments to full size figurines.

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