Lamp Base Bird Baths

It is easy to make lamp base bird baths by simple using a vintage lamp base that you can pick up at a thrift store cheap, remove the wiring and top it off with a ceiling light shade, plate or unusual ashtray.

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Give life to an antique lamp fixture and keep birds happy, too. Make sure to safely remove all electrical cords and the socket from the lamp base, and then place a glass ceiling-lamp globe upside down on top. Secure it with hardware and silicon caulking so that it won’t leak, and wait for the birds to make a splash in their new bath.

Here are some wonderful examples of unique lamp base bird baths and remember not to pass them old lamps when you see them at garage sales because they make beautiful garden art.

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Lamp base bird baths may be a simple one easily constructed with a plain lamp base, or it may be an affair of exquisite design, with a really ornate and fancy base. The possibilities of a lamp base bird bath are limited only by your imagination. You can even put different parts from different lamps together and really get creative. Photo source: chiccottagejunk.

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Crystal lamp base bird baths. Deb from Second Hand Jo made this crystal birdbath out of a clear glass lamp bottom. She uses GE II for gluing pieces like this for outdoors. The lamp was purchased from a yard sale and the bowl is an old light fixture that had the hole in it already. that she bought for $2.00 and made this gorgeous birdbath. If you were to use a bowl this deep, I would recommend filling the bottom half with pretty stones, beads, sea glass or marbles as you shouldn’t have the bird bath basin deeper than 2 to 3 inches.

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Once your bird bath has the electrical wire removed and is put back together, the final step is to make sure your lamp shade or dish basin will hold water and not leak out. The area in the basin where the threaded stem comes through must be sealed to prevent leakage. It is best to use 100% clear silicone for the task. The trim piece and securing nut should be completely covered, including the edges with the silicone. Give it time to dry, following the instructions provided, and then leak check it by filling the basin with water and allowing it to stand overnight. Photo Source: confessionsofacurbshopaholic.

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Rob’s DIY found a silver plated tray at Value Village and drilled a hole in the center. He suggests that you could also use a round cake pan or a pie tin just so long as it has sides on it and it is not more than 2 inches deep. Instead of using silicone Rob purchased a couple of Neoprene Rubber washers from his local hardware store to help keep his brass lamp bird bath from leaking.

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This bird bath was made by disassembling a floor lamp removing all electrical wiring and then reassembling it with an added feature of a brass serving tray and fancy brass finials. Photo source: chiccottagejunk.

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This is made from an old brass table lamp base that nastybrat mosaic with an assortment of items. Topped with a shallow glass dish. To help prevent the birds from slipping into the dish it is a good idea to glue some mosaic pieces around the inside edge of the bowl (to give the birds something to grip onto) and also add some pretty stones, beads, sea glass, or marbles to the center of the dish so that it will not be too deep.

How to repurpose a lamp into a birdbath

In this inspirational video from the salvage studio shows you how to construct a beautiful birdbath out of an old lamp.

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This making lamp base bird baths project from, will show you step by step instructions on how to build your own homemade bird bath using a an old lamp, a plastic dish and a can of spray paint.

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