Hanging Dish Bird Feeders

Hanging dish bird feeders are the simplest of the bird feeder types, which consist of a shallow dish, tray or bowl that holds the feed, and provides the birds with a rim to perch upon while feeding.

Hanging a decorative dish or embellishing a plain one is easy to construct and will enhance any backyard, deck or patio while attracting flocks of birds to the seed. It is also a great way to recycle, reuse or refashion an old or vintage dish that you don’t really use and don’t really want to throw away.

There are many ways you can hang your dish, here are just a few examples:

Drill Holes On Edge Of Plate

You can easily drill a small hole in glass or china using a diamond drill bit. Measure and mark with a pencil three points evenly distanced around the circumference of the lip. The evenly spaced holes provide a flat and secure platform for the birds to land. It is also a good idea to drill a couple of holes in the bottom or around the center of the dish to allow water runoff. Wet seeds can get moldy and make birds sick.

This Gazing Ball Hanging Bird Feeder is hung using chains and making a wire loop through the holes to connect the chains to the dish. Gluing a small gazing ball and ceramic bird to the edge is a great way to add a little interest to a plain dish.

In making this tea cup bird feeder, Kitty drilled 4 holes spaced evenly around the dish, she also drilled a hole through the center of the dish and through the center of the cup for drainage. She glued the cup to the dish using epoxy then glued a small piece of wire mesh over the center hole in the cup. She used 14 gauge wire to make a hanger.

With this hanging dish bird feeder from Doing Dishes Potter Studio, a ceramic worm was glued to the center of the dish. To hang it they tied a large knot at the end of their string or twine, threaded it through a bead, up through the dish and then tied the three ends together at the top.

This Feeder by Kadee Designs is created with a 10 Inch vintage plate, silver color wire, accented with glass beads and swirls of wire. This Feeder is 29 inches long with a hook at the end for easy hanging. The beads and wire swirls adds interest to this cute bird feeder.

Vintage Amber Glass Bowl Beaded Hanging Bird Feeder by leeannsvintagedecor. I like the little blue ceramic bird positioned in the feeder and the matching amber beads strung on wire for the hanger.

Your hanging dish bird feeder doesn’t have to be made with old dishes you could also make one with an old brass wall platter.

This adorable bird feeder has been created by using a large plastic flowered plate re-purposed, reclaimed beads and charms from jewelry and galvanized wire. The brightly colored pattern will add color to your back yard.

Of course you don’t have to use just round dishes! This bird feeder from Re-Treasured has been made from a vintage embossed fan shaped dish. It is accented with a small flower and hummingbird figurines. Glass has been drilled at the corners and chain added for hanging.

Hang Your Bird Feeder Without Drilling Any Holes

To make this easy ceramic bird feeder by carolynshomework.blogspot, she simply hot glued sisal twine to the bottom of a thrift store plate, glued a pretty ceramic bird to the top and then hung it in her tree for the birds to feed from.

Here is an easy DIY Design idea for hanging dish bird feeders from Wandering Mist, using binding wire and an old plate

Hanging Bird Feeder, red daisy bowl wrapped in copper wire and acrylic flowers by 2Sister2Gether Boutique.

Vintage Pierced Dish Bird Feeders

If you don’t feel comfortable drilling holes in a dish or you don’t own a drill then you could simply make pierced dish bird feeders from old or vintage plates or dishes with pierced or lattice edges.

With holes already on the edge of your dish it is easy to just tie 3 or 4 strands of twine or string spaced evenly around the edge. Chains are another option for hanging your bird feeder and of course you could add color and design to it with wire and beads.

Because there is no drainage hole in the bottom of this type of dish (unless you drill a couple) you should hang it in an area of your yard or garden where there will be protection from rain or snow. Wet bird seed can turn moldy and make your feathered friends sick.

Or, if you do display pierced dish bird feeders in the open just make sure you clean it regularly especially during rainy season to ensure the seeds stay dry.

Retro Art Glass uses a simple chain to hang this elegant glass dish to use as a bird feeder.

Vintage white pierced dish bird feeder by Robin Zaleski hangs from 3 beaded strands and connect to a wire heart

Upcycled basket plate holder bird feeder with beads and chains by Benalene.

Tiered Serving Trays Makes An Instant
Hanging Dish Bird Feeder

Tiered serving trays make excellent instant hanging dish bird feeders as most of them already have a handle on top. All you need to do is put a wire hook or chain through the looped handle and hang it. Even better would be to take this 2-tiered serving tray apart then put it back together with the smaller dish on the bottom for seed and the larger dish on top but upside down to act as a roof to make a covered bird feeder protecting the seeds from rain.

Pearl's Vintage believes every garden should have a little art. And when it's green - made from recycled pieces of the past - even better.

You could also drill just a single hole in the center (or use one of the dishes from a tiered serving platter) and have a single rod up the center to hang it. Photo: podsforge

Hanging Grapevine Wreath Bird Feeders

In this How To project, Unique Bird House Boutique shows you how to make a hanging birdbath with a grapevine wreath and a terra cotta dish. This could easily be used as a bird feeder as well. I like the idea of adding a little greenery to it as this gives it a more nature look to it.

Watch this quick video below to learn how easy it is to make this eco-friendly bird feeder with a clay saucer, grapevine wreath, wire, and beads.

There is nothing like looking out your backyard or sitting in your garden
watching the bird life. Attracting wild birds to your garden with a simple homemade bird feeder is a fun and inexpensive project that you can make for yourself or as a gift. They are so simple even kids can easily make one!

If you put out food and fresh water regularly, your garden will soon become a haven for wild birds. An open dish bird feeder is highly visible as it displays seed in full view which will begin attracting birds right away because birds are attracted by the sight of food and by the sight of other birds eating. There is immense pleasure to be gained from watching the different species that come to feed daily.

Wild bird feeders are often hung at various locations like tree limbs, garden shepherd hooks, building eves and on walls with metal hanger brackets. The height at which you hang your hanging dish bird feeders is selected to target a certain wild bird species or the feeding habits of a certain variety of wild birds. Other factors may include the isolation from predators (like cats) and moochers (squirrels and raccoon), or to locate the feeder at a height more convenient for your viewing pleasure (like outside a second-story window).

Hanging dish bird feeders can be stocked with any type of seed or seed mix, as well as with fruit or suet. Some gardeners even set mealworms out on dish feeders to attract insect-eating birds.

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