Glass Garden Art

Why does glass garden art looks fabulous in any garden? Because glass is a material of the highest quality, which confers its brilliance on gardens: it shines, glistens, reflects, and sparkles.

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Glass also has decorative properties though it is delicate, it is one of those things that provides so much color and requires so little care (other than taking caution to not break the glass of course.) But if the glass is safe it is a beautiful material for making garden ornaments.

As well as decorating your garden with stained glass and hand-blown glass, you can also create upcycled art by using recycled vintage, antique and modern glass to create beautiful glass art to place in your garden,

Recycling glass objects can be quite affordable. It's plentiful at thrift stores and garage, estate and tag sales. From cheap cut-glass goblets to colorful glass bowls and vivid 1960s ashtrays, you'll find glass everywhere once you start looking.

There is so many ways to use old glass goblets, bowls, plates, figurines, bottles, etc and incorporating them into creative garden decor. When you begin rethinking glass in this fashion, a broken cut-glass candy jar is no longer a loss because its beautiful lid can now become the centerpiece of your rock garden.

Whether you have a large or small garden, glass art in your garden can provide focal points or accents throughout your garden, and in the sun, it literally glows, shining with its own essence and color.

The traditional use of glass in gardens is for protection.

Here are some creative glass garden art projects, tips and ideas to add sparkle, shine and color to you garden decor.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and ideas on how to create and decorate your garden with glass art.

Please check back often for updates

Stained Glass Windchimes Stained Glass Windchimes (Coming Soon!)
Magic happens in your garden when you combine the beautiful tinkling sounds of the glass with it’s gorgeous and reflective colors.
Glass Plate Flowers Glass Plate Flowers (Coming Soon!)
Add sparkle to your garden by upcycling glass and vintage plates and turning them into colorful glass flowers.
Hand Blown Glass Feeders Hand Blown Glass Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Vibrant hand-blown glass hummingbird feeders are a wonderful way to add beauty to any outdoor space.
Glass Mosaic Gazing Balls Glass Mosaic Gazing Balls (Coming Soon!)
Add a colorful gazing ball to your garden, covered in a mosaic with vibrant colors and and intriguing designs.
Decorative Glass Dish Feeders Decorative Glass Dish Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Turning a decorative glass dish into a butterfly or bird feeder adds functionality to your recycled glass garden art.
Glass Block Garden Lights Glass Block Garden Lights (Coming Soon!)
Light up the garden with whimsical lights made from glass blocks and powered by Christmas lights.
Stained Glass Garden Sculptures Stained Glass Garden Sculptures (Coming Soon!)
Grow a glass garden—and beautify any space for all year round color with an exquisite decorative stained glass sculpture.
Recycled Glass Garden Sculptures Recycled Glass Garden Sculptures (Coming Soon!)
With a bit of glue and a collection of old glass vases, plates, bowls, candle holders and figurines you can quickly and easy create your own unique glass garden sculpture.
Stained Glass Garden Decorations Stained Glass Garden Decorations (Coming Soon!)
Decorate your outdoor living spaces with a touch of whimsical stained glass garden art.
Glass Garden Orbs Glass Garden Orbs (Coming Soon!)

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