Recycled Glass Bird Feeder

Making and using recycled glass bird feeder gives you the pleasure of seeing so many active and energetic birds at your feeders, and knowing that you are having a positive impact on the quality of their lives, and recycling at the same time.

That joy is available to everyone. By providing just a few simple things, such as nutritious foods, clean water and ample shelter, the birds in your yard will quickly become a valuable asset. Not a cash asset, but an entertainment asset that rewards you with many priceless hours of happiness and fulfillment.

By recycling thrift store dishes you can make some really unique one of a kind feeders for your feathered visitors and that will also make an interesting and creative focal point in your yard.

The following are some fantastic examples of how you can make your own recycled glass bird feeder.

lampshade bird feeder
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This recycled ceiling light fixture makes a great bird feeder and easy to make as the holes are already in the light shade. By Shelly Rae Wood.

glassware bird feeder
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This cute little bird feeder is created from old glassware purchased from the Restore. It cost under $2 and surely catches the light. It’s glued together with silicone plumber’s Goop. There’s a piece of stemware on top, a sundae glass and a glass bowl. by oohshinyart.

glass decanter bird feeder
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Glass decanter bird feeder. Similar idea to the glass totem but with a glass wagon decanter on top.

by Potter Dale.

cut glass bronze bird feeder
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Glass and bronze birdfeeder by Melanie Sherwood. Decorative and functional, this lovely cut glass bird feeder with bronze accents will add interest and beauty to any garden. Top glass is an 8 inch bowl and feeder is approx 14 inches long. She collects a lot of vintage glass and uses them to create unique and interesting feeders that double as art for your yard.

vintage glass bird feeder
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candy dish bird feeder
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Recycled vintage glass bird feeders made out of pretty glass bowls and candle holders glued together. by The Lady Bugs Garden.

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Mike Shannan uses old mason jars, vases, vintage bottles, glass bowls and ceiling fixtures and gives them a new life as a decorative bird feeder.

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These glass bird feeders by Fancy Feathers are made using various pieces of glass, crystal, china, etc. Just like building a glass totem garden art, each feeder is unique in style and personality.

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This feeder is approximately 14" tall. The topper is a small salt/pepper shaker attached to an acrylic candle bobeche chandelier. The bottom green plate measures approximately 8" in diameter.

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This small feeder is approximately 8.5" tall. The top is a clear, cut glass globe which was previously a small oil lamp. The center is made of a wine glass attached to a small plate measuring approximately 6.5" in diameter. The cut glass will really reflect the sun beautifully when placed in the garden. By dframe102868.

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Ashtray totem bird feeder by upcycleddownriver. I love the shape of this ashtray. It makes for a unique bird feeder.

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This glass totem bird feeder by imjustsam, is pretty easy to make. She used a divided relish tray for the bottom and drilled a hole in the middle of it. the second layer was a glass lampshade (open at both ends, no drilling) and then she had a glass globe at the top which had the top hole already in it. She then strung them together with a rod from the hardware store (less than $1) and then you can get caps or nuts to fit on each end. This way you can easily unscrew or loosen an end to add the birdseed.

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A hanging bird feeder bug made from an antique quart jar. Hung using bailing wire, by Don Hutchings

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Plate bird feeders are made from recycled plates. The hangers are copper with green verdigris added - and a marble at the top end. The vines are also copper wire. The flowers and leaves are fashioned from broken bottles and vases. The pieces are shaped and put back together as flowers using copper foil stained glass techniques. The green leaves are pieces from wine bottles. By glassngarden.

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Copper garden stake bird feeder by Julie DeGroot.
Julie sculpted a piece of copper to resemble a stem and placed a gorgeous recycled pink glass flower dish at the top. Intertwined around the flower bowl are swirls of copper embellished with soft green glass beads and 2 semi transparent soft green stained glass leaves wrapped in copper.

Hanging from the bottom of the bowl are the chimes, which consist of two pieces of pale pink stained glass with two faceted glass clear/iridescent jewels and one piece of clear textured glass, with a star burst pattern inlayed. The chimes are strung with pink glass beads & clear faceted acrylic beads.

Exposed to the elements the copper will patina into a dark tone. It’s a very soft and gentle chime, sounds wonderful.

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