Glass Bird Baths

Adding glass bird baths to your yard or garden is a great way to attract more birds; after all, not all birds will eat seeds or nest in birdhouses, but they all drink and bathe.

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A small water feature repurposed from ready materials attracts birds to the garden and fulfills their essential needs for drinking and bathing.

Try to use a dish or bowl that is no deeper than 3 inches. Glass is slippery but you can improve the traction by placing stepping stones such as chunks of smooth and colorful recycled glass, sea glass, beads, marbles or colorful stones.

The following are examples of glass bird baths to give you ideas and inspire you to make your own .

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This hanging glass bird bath is similar to the designs of the hanging dish bird feeders. There are so many old dishes of different colors, designs and shapes that can be purchased from thrift stores or garage sales really cheap, and they make great bird baths and bird feeders. You can easily drill a small hole in glass or china using a diamond drill bit. Measure and mark with a pencil three points evenly distanced around the circumference of the lip.

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Who can resist the pleasant chirping of birds in the morning or the whimsical fluttering of a feathered guest in a glass bird bath? There is no question that gardens are better places when birds are among its visitors. Photo: GloriasGlassGarden

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I love these stained glass bird baths with fluted edges by GloriasGlassGarden. The copper-plated brass base is soldered to a copper-plated metal stake. Copper wire is soldered to the base and twisted, curled, and looped gracefully to clamp over the glass in three spots. Three copper tooled leaves are added underneath the bath.

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Stained glass bird baths or feeders from The large decorative hanger entices curious birds to check it out with lots of perching spots. Lets them rest while feeding or drinking. Unique and delicate style, this durable stained glass bird bath/feeder adds charming character to any garden setting, patio, porch or landscape. The bowl is a little deep so you would have to add some pretty stones, sea glass, marbles, etc. or the birds probably won’t use it as a bath for fear of drowning, and these are way to pretty not to be used.

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Blue Swirl Bird Bath. Beautiful, glowing glass for your birds to enjoy in the garden. Luminescent crystals in the hand-blown bird bath charge up during the day with the sun's light. When evening falls, the crystals begin to glow--a lovely focal point in a night garden. Rich-blue glass with an undulating edge, it has a metal stand with a 4-pronged ground step. Bath is about 1 inch deep in the center, 11-1/2 inches in diameter and stands 34 inches high.

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Goldfinch Bird Bath. A glass birdbath for your yardscape! Stake this beautiful glass birdbath anywhere you want to see birds splashing, bathing and drinking. Decorated with a lovely, embossed goldfinch motif, complete with purple cone flowers, this bath comes with a two piece metal stake. Measures 11 x 26 inches tall.

Keep Your Bird Bath Clean

bird cleaning

Birds are unlikely to be found splashing and flitting about in a soiled, debris-strewn birdbath. They are, however, much more likely to frequent a clean birdbath. 
Cleaning your birdbath is essential to the health and safety of any wild bird visitor. Frequent cleaning helps prevent algae growth, disease transmission, and pesky mosquitoes from using it as a breeding ground. It also keeps your birdbath free of unsightly feathers, droppings, stains, organic buildup, and more.

Bird Bath Protector.. Environmentally green protection for your birdbath. Natural enzymes help prevent mineral deposits, stains and organic contaminates from forming, restoring clarity and beauty to the water in your birdbath. Use one cap per bath full. Our Bath Protector is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for wildlife, aquatic life and plants.


Bird Bath & Feeder Brush. This heavy-duty brush will make cleaning as easy as can be. It features an easy-grip handle and extra stiff bristles that will last for years. Great for cleaning concrete bird baths.

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