Garden Mosaics

Garden mosaics are bright, lively,and a lovely addition to your outside areas. Also, they are sturdy enough to withstand a lot of use and weather wear. Although they look detailed and complex, mosaics are not very difficult to make. You will love the fun you can have working with the bright colors and simple shapes.

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Mosaic is an art form that decorates everything from cathedral walls to subway stations. Its long history is still visible in many of the great mosaics that have endured today. This makes it an ideal technique to use outdoors. Now you can add interest to your outdoor spaces by creating stunningly beautiful mosaics that will survive any kind of weather.

With a little imagination, you can easily put together a masterpiece for your garden or a one-of-a-kind gift with materials available from around your home, found objects, flea markets, garage sales or even building supply stores.

The following projects, tips and techniques will help to give you creative ideas to express yourself and enhance your outdoor decor in creating lasting works of garden art with mosaics.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and creative ideas on how to create and decorate with garden mosaics.

Please check back often for updates.

Mosaic Garden Walls Mosaic Garden Walls (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Bird Baths Mosaic Bird Baths (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Bird Houses Mosaic Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Garden Benches Mosaic Garden Benches (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Stepping Stones Mosaic Stepping Stones (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Bowling Balls Mosaic Bowling Balls (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Garden Paths Mosaic Garden Paths (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Garden Windows Mosaic Garden Windows (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Watering Cans Mosaic Watering Cans (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Garden Planters Mosaic Garden Planters (Coming Soon!)

What does it mean to include mosaics in your garden environment?

Mosaic art can be applied to every surface imaginable, with imagination and a wide variety of materials. The substances used in mosaics are as varied as the artists who create them. Color, texture, and personality will flourish where there was none before.

One of the exciting things about mosaics is that you can create functional works of art by integrating recycled and found objects and materials, from the bases to tesserae such as stones, pebbles, old tiles, broken china, beads, glass, mirror, game pieces, buttons, marbles, shells, crystals, figurines, industrial leftovers, scrap metal -- anything that can with stand moisture, sun, wind, and/or your local weather environment can be used in garden mosaics.

Mosaics work well in all outdoor settings, from the country garden to the courtyard, or the sleek urban landscape. Mosaic art is a simple, elegant way to enhance the natural beauty of a garden. They add color, vibrancy, and individuality. The permanence of a mosaic complements the changing seasons and adds an alternative focal point that will be appreciated all year long.

Garden mosaics range from simple decorative pieces, such as gazing balls or planters to practical and sturdy weatherproof pieces, including mosaic tabletops and delightful birdhouses to garden paths that will add color and interest to your garden even in winter.

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