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Recycled Garden Art, Ideas for creating garden art from
junk using recycled materials.

recycled dress from flea market gardens
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We constantly hear the terms recycle, repurpose, reuse, refashion, reclaim, upcycle, found objects, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, etc., and we all know the importance of saving space in our landfills. This is probably why so many people enjoy rummaging through old attics, shopping at second hand and thrift stores, going to flea markets, garage sales, tag sales, boot sales, browsing through antique shops or even visiting trash or dumps sites, hunting for great junk at affordable prices to turn into home or garden decor.

Recycling junk, whether whimsical or functional, stretches a gardener’s creativity and provides another frugal outlet for artistic expression. The use of salvaged objects as garden art has evolved into a passionate hunt for treasures everywhere and thrifty creative souls can transform nearly any discarded and unwanted items into unique and eye-catching works of art for the garden.

Attractive and unusual, garden art created from old junk not only enhances all styles and sizes of gardens, but also encourages ecologically friendly practices by recycling what already exists. Gardeners are creative at giving a new and exciting lease of life to found objects adding a bit of whimsy, interest and personality to their gardens while turning waste into a resource.

recycled garden art
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Turning junk into garden decor is an art form of its own. The secret in recycling trash into successful garden art from junk is to ensure that the objects you choose have natural attributes of their own, in terms of good form, interesting materials or great adaptability. All it takes is a bit of creative imagination and a knack for looking at ordinary objects in a new way. A discarded wooden chair colorfully painted can become a focal point in the garden displaying a pot of cascading flowers, an old iron bathtub becomes art when decorated with a tile mosaic, a beautiful cracked china teapot may have outlived its usefulness in the kitchen, but it can have a rewarding second life as a planter for spring bulbs, or you can even turn an old lamp base into a great bird feeder.

Collecting unique, vintage, offbeat, chipped and battered treasures – and using them around your garden – is a fun hobby that gives a garden character. Broken beaded jewelry and old silver cutlery make unusual and charming wind chimes, old iron head boards see new life as garden trellises, rusty tin cans are transformed into elegant garden lights, worn out work boots become planters – the possibilities are endless.

The following projects, tips and techniques will help give you some creative ideas on how to create your own garden art from junk.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and creative ideas on how to create and decorate your garden with repurposed fleamarket junk.

Please check back often for updates.

Head Board Garden Bench Turn a Head Board into a Fabulous Garden Bench (Coming Soon!)
China Plate Borders China Plate Borders (Coming Soon!)
Metal Headboards are Perfect for a Garden Trellis Metal Headboards are Perfect for a Garden Trellis (Coming Soon!)
Old Windows as Garden Art Old Windows as Garden Art (Coming Soon!)
Old Chair Garden Planter Turn An Old Chair Into a Garden Planter (Coming Soon!)
Old Dresser Garden Planter Recycle An Old Dresser Into A Garden Planter (Coming Soon!)
Old Pot Garden Planter Repurpose Old Pots Into Planters (Coming Soon!)
Wooden Step Ladders Displaying Wooden Step Ladders in the Garden (Coming Soon!)
>Bathtub Planters Bathtub Planters (Coming Soon!)
>Recycled Shoe Planters Recycled Shoe Planters (Coming Soon!)
>Old Bicycles as Garden Art Old Bicycles as Garden Art (Coming Soon!)
>Garden Hose Wreaths Garden Hose Wreaths (Coming Soon!)

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