Painted Flower Pot Bird Baths

Welcome feathered friends with a fun place to play with painted flower pot bird baths.

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Water lures birds to dunk and splash, It cools them during hot weather and keeps their feathers fit for flying. Refreshing drinks aid digestion, especially for seed and fruit eating species.

Terra cotta pots are simple, inexpensive, easy to find, and wonderful for all types of garden art projects.

It is so simple to make a bird bath: the pots form the base or column and a terra cotta dish or saucer, the kind used under a pot, becomes the basin or bowl of the birdbath. It is a good idea to use a waterproof construction adhesive to join your pots together.

Decorating you bird bath is the fun part. You can simply paint it one solid color or go crazy with bright wild colors or even add surface texture such as sponging, spattering, or crackling. Show your artist side and paint different designs, flowers, or scenes on it. If you feel that you are not very good at painting then you can easily use vinyl stickers or decoupage your flower pot bird bath. However you wish to decorate your bird bath is up to you, but it is important that you first prepare your clay pot before painting it.

Here are some wonderful Painted Clay Pot Bird Baths for inspiration, note the different variations of using flower pots to make the base or pedestal.

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I love ivy and I like how Donna Dewberry paints with her one stroke technique a lovely vine of ivy growing around this painted clay pots bird bath.

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These lovely flower pot bird baths are built and hand-painted by DaisyDee Art Studio, I really like how she paints her flowers as if they are growing up the side of the pots with a matching cluster of flowers in teh center of the bird bath basin. These painted clay pot bird baths will make a great complement to any yard or garden. They could also be used as an end table or plant stand.

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Here is another variation of a bird bath base. DaisyDee Art Studio uses an upside down saucer for the bottom to give stability, then glues two pots end-to-end and then the rim of a third pot glued to the rim of the pot below it, and of course a saucer glued onto the top of the stacked pots. She painted all with an almond-colored background and and brightly colored flowers.

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The perfect bird bath for your deck, garden or tabletop. Three Garden Fairies sit gazing at butterflies and surround the base. By

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This terra cotta bird bath shows that you do not have to give your pots a background color to make your designs stand out. By

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It’s easy to make this birdbath from flowerpots and a saucer by Debbie Mum. Select three terra cotta flowerpots in graduated sizes for the birdbath base. When you are purchasing the pots, stack them upside down at the store to make sure you get the height and look that you desire. Use a large terra cotta saucer for the basin. Be sure to look for a saucer that is glazed on the inside so that it will hold water. If desired, you can glue pots together, but I chose to leave mine separate so that I can dismantle the birdbath in winter and store the pots one inside the other in a sheltered area.

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Here’s another pretty example of a painted birdbath. You can get the complete tutorial at How to Paint and Decorate a Terra Cotta Flower Pot Bird Bath. Source

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These colorful birds by Art by Mae show that you can really have fun painting flowers and scenes on clay pot bird baths.

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I really like how Charlene Bessken used a soft green for the rim and sponged back ground on this painted pansies bird bath.

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Painted Pot Birdbath by Decorative Wonders, with painted faux brick, watering can, wildflowers and lilacs.

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Koi Stacked Flower Pot Bird Bath hand painted by Robin Sear of Dancing Rabbit Designs. The koi aren't coy in this painted terra cotta bird bath. Pots in ascending size stack up to hold the top with trompe l'0iele koi swimming about. What would you layer on each of your pots? Robin did dragonflies, bees and boats.... Fully functional in the garden. Bring it inside in the winter.

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Floral painted stacked or pyramid shape base bird baths by Daisy Dee Art Studio.

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Sheri from Crafters Love Crafts wanted to make a clay pot birdbath but she didn't like the ones that were just stacked upside down, so she got some pots and plant saucers and this is what she came up with. The upside down saucer on the bottom is a great idea to give this piece stability, especially when using smaller pots. She also made a set of tables just turning the top saucer upside down, they also make nice outside tables.

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These handpainted flower pot bird baths by honeybear57 are fun and colorful. I like how each pot is painted with different designs and contrasting colors. She also uses another variation on making the base. Using four pots in graduating sizes: she stacks the three largest upside down, and then glues the bottom of the smallest upright to the top of the stack and then glues the saucer to the rim of the top pot. These will surely make a statement in any garden.

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“How Does Your Garden Grow” flower pot bird baths by Molly Collier. I like the idea of writing verses or sayings around the rim of the saucer.

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This brightly colored stacking pot bird bath shows that you can paint your project in solid colors and still create a unique piece of yard art. You could paint them in colors to match your outdoor living area or to add a splash of color in a dull corner of your yard. Source: theculinarycougar.

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Splashy Birdbath by Robin Walker. This flashy bird bath will definitely add some whimsy to your garden.

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Tracy’s Trinkets and Treasures made this flower pot bird bath using 4 pots the same size, a large saucer, a small saucer and a ceramic bird. She started by stacking her pots and sealing them together with Kwik Seal.

krylon paint
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She used the smaller saucer for the bottom to keep the stack balanced and give stability, and she used the large saucer on the top for the bird bath basin. Then she glued the ceramic bird to the inside bottom of the saucer. She wanted the pots to look like concrete so she painted them with the gray spray primer and gave them a white wash with watered down white acrylic paint. Once dried she sprayed it with clear coat help protect and seal it.

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Encourage your kids to get to know and love nature by making a simple clay bird bath.

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In her book One-Stroke Fountains and Bird Baths, Donna Dewberry shows how to make this wonderful birdbath fountain. Birds love moving water and I can just see them enjoying themselves splashing around as the water drips to the lower saucers.

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This is a great idea of how crafterslovecrafts turned this flower pot bird baths into a double bird bath by simply adding a smaller pot and saucer on top. This would also make a great fountain birdbath.

Clay Pot Preparation

The first thing is to make sure you clean the inside and outside of the flower pots and both sides of the saucer with a soft, damp cloth. Allow the clay to dry completely.

Terra cotta is porous, so water will come through the pot unless it is properly sealed. Paint both the inside and outside of all flower pots and both sides of the saucer with exterior polyurethane. Be sure to cover the entire inside surface of the pots. Allow the polyurethane to dry completely and apply another coat to the same areas. Allow the second coat of polyurethane to dry completely.

Flower pot bird baths are made to be put outside so it is best to use is Patio Paint by Deco Art because it is made to be used outside and contains a sealer in the paint that seals the terra cotta and helps the paint adhere to the surface. There is no need to use a sealer over Patio Paint; however, if you want a glossy finish, you may use Patio Paint Clear Coat over the top.

As long as you have sealed your pots properly you can paint the outside of the pots with acrylic paint, just make sure you also cover the outside of painted pots with another coat of exterior polyurethane to protect your designs.

Protecting the decorative paint technique on the outside of a terra cotta pot requires that the interior surface of the terra cotta is also painted or sealed.

Flower Pot Bird Baths .... Flower Pot Bird Baths ... Flower Pot Bird Baths

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