Fabric Garden Sculptures

It is easy to create both detailed and simple fabric garden sculptures using a liquid fabric hardener.

bronze fairy garden sculpture by Gloria-Jean Browne
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Building a wire armature and draping it with fabric dipped into a fabric hardener can allow anyone to create one-of-a-kind garden fabric sculptures.

There are two popular fabric hardeners on the market today, Paverpol and Powertex.

Both of these fabric hardeners are an environmental friendly, non-toxic, water based product made of a special blend of Liquid Polymers that when dried turns fabric into a durable rock-hard finish that is water and weather resistant.

These one-step water-based products give sculptors, craft artisans, doll makers, mixed media artists, painters, interior and exterior designers, sign makers, theatre set crews and fabric artists a serious new medium to expand their scope of work, either indoors or outside.

fairy queen fabric sculpture by Gloriaj-Jean Browne
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Making sculpture from fabric allows complete freedom of expression in creating wonderfully graceful forms that are draped in flowing fabrics and have an individuality and presence all of their own. First a head is created either sculpted with polymer clay or left faceless using an egg shapes styrofoam ball or scrunched up tin foil, then an armature is constructed which is ‘mummified’ and then ‘dressed’ with recycled fabrics and laces chosen to complement the personality of the figure. Accessories (silk flowers, miniature feather birds and butterflies) are then added to complete the character.

fairy garden sculpture by Gloria-Jean Bowne
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The resulting artwork is fluid, elegant and alive; some pieces full of movement and vitality, others are serene and tranquil. Amazingly, each statue is suitable for siting in or out of doors, as an environmentally friendly, water-based resin hardener is used to ‘freeze’ the fabric in the lines and folds that define the artist’s vision.

The hardener, which is weatherproof and frost-proof, allows the sculpture to be placed outside - spring, summer, autumn and winter, through sunshine, rain, snow and frost.

The following articles will go through the steps in creating your own fabric garden sculptures.

copper fairy garden sculpture by Gloria-Jean Browne
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rose fabric garden sculpture by Gloria-Jean Browne
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flower fairy fabric sculpture by Gloria-Jean Browne
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brass fairy garden sculpture by Gloria-Jean Browne
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The above Fabric Garden Sculptures were created by Gloria-Jean Browne.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and ideas on how to create and decorate with fabric garden sculptures.

Please check back often for updates.

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Using Push Molds Using Push Molds (Coming Soon!)
Giving Your Sculpture Movement Giving Your Sculpture Movement (Coming Soon!)
Draping the Figure Draping the Figure (Coming Soon!)
How to Add Hair How to Add Hair (Coming Soon!)
Different Fabrics Ideas for Different Fabrics To Use on Your Garden Sculptures (Coming Soon!)
Wings Making Wings for Your Fabric Garden Sculptures (Coming Soon!)
Creating Faux Effects Creating Faux Effects (Coming Soon!)
Adding Accessories Adding Accessories to Your Sculpture (Coming Soon!)
Mermaid Fabric Sculpture Mermaid Fabric Sculpture (Coming Soon!)
Faux Bronze Effect Creating Faux Bronze Effect (Coming Soon!)
Faux Stone Effect Creating Faux Stone Effect (Coming Soon!)
Rust Effect Creating Rust Effect (Coming Soon!)
Garden Goddess Make a Life-Size Garden Statue from a Mannequin (Coming Soon!)

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