Driftwood Birdhouses

Driftwood birdhouses are wonderful examples of functional driftwood art and are perfect for a rustic garden or a natural setting.

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You can build a bird house completely out of driftwood or use selected unique shapes to embellish and decorate a pre-made birdhouse.

Collecting driftwood pieces is as much fun and adventurous as building the birdhouse. As you collect your pieces of driftwood you may not know exactly how you are going to use each piece, so it is a good idea to collect lots of pieces of different shapes and sizes.
When you are prepared to start building your driftwood birdhouses, play with the wood, mixing and matching pieces, almost like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together but with more creativity.

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When you have chosen all the sizes and shapes that you want to use for your birdhouse, cut an inch and a half hole in the front board for the entrance. Attach the pieces together to form the front, sides, top and bottom using screws or finishing nails. Try to fit the pieces together as tightly as possible to prevent rain from leaking inside the house. You may want to use a hinge or devise a way to be able to get in and clean your driftwood birdhouses at least once a year. Also drill a couple of holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

If you are missing the right piece, put the house aside until you find just the right piece. Part of the fun in creating driftwood art is finding just the right piece. Think of it as a treasure hunt.

After the house is built this is where your get to use your imagination to decorate it with unique driftwood shapes, branches, shells, stones other natural “found” objects. Or you may even just want to keep it simple and plain.

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These bird houses from Driftwood Bay Designs, are built with a variety of driftwood, shells, stones, bracket fungus, roots, and other beachcombed items. The knot hole openings give a natural look that works well in attracting a variety of tree cavity nesting birds.

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Functional Driftwood Art, created by Eija Pfaeffli, uses driftwood to create these whimsical, delightful birdhouses. Driftwood birdhouses make highly functional but decorative birdhouses. The birds love them because they look like their natural habitat; people like their charming, whimsical character.

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These driftwood birdhouses left plain and un-embellished have a rustic natural look to them. Source: tallydailyphoto.blogspot.

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These birdhouses from Driftwoodbay Designs, are built with a concrete base for the garden or a wood stand for the deck. Just bury the concrete stand anywhere in the garden and add the birdhouse to the top. They also make pole houses that can be placed in planter boxes, patio, balcony and garden.

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These fully functional drift wood bird houses created by Carter Creations have removable backs. They use different items on these truly unique birdhouses such as metal perches, driftwood flowers, or barbwire.

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This driftwood bird house from has a hidden clean out access. The clean and simple lines give this house a rustic look which helps it to blend in with it’s natural surroundings. Source: eastriverstudio.

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This is a bird house not a squirrel house! Patti was hoping to get some birds in this driftwood rustic birdhouse, not a squirrel. Source: flickr~patti~

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These bird houses are a wonderful example of how Lillian Rose uses driftwood and other natural “found” objects to embellish pre-made birdhouses.

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This nest box by Gary Kurtz, is made of 1x pine, except the roof which is cedar, covered with driftwood. The stones are applied with construction adhesive.The roof is ventilated. There are drainage holes in the floor. There is saw kerfing on the inside of the front panel to help the birds get out. It is made to be easily opened for annual cleaning. This nest box, though decorative, is also functional. It has an entrance hole of 1-3/8 inches, located 6 inches above the entrance hole. This size nest box will attract most song birds up to blue bird size.

Birds can be encouraged to make nests even in the most urban of areas, and if you provide a suitable nesting box they will both feed and breed in your garden. A bird’s own choice of nesting place would be a sheltered spot, so take care to place your bird house away from possible disturbances, up a wall or tree trunk, and facing away from prevailing wind and rain.
~~Tessa Evelegh, “The Garden Decorating Book” pg188

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