How to Make
Decoupage BirdHouses

Decoupage birdhouses allow you to decorate a birdhouse without painting a stroke. By cutting or tearing designs from decorative napkins, giftwrap, pictures, decorative paper or even old books, you can create a magnificent home for the discerning bird!

Discover how easy it is to make decoupage bird houses for your garden decor, they will great hanging from a tree or nestled among your plants and flowers.

How To Decoupage Birdhouse
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Decoupage, derived from the French word decouper, meaning to cut out, is the creative art of assembling, pasting and varnishing paper cutouts for decorating objects.

The process gives flat cut-outs an appearance of depth and makes patterns and pictures look as though they are actually painted on the decoupaged object. Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate just about any object, including birdhouses. Best of all, decoupage can be learned fairly quickly in just a few steps.

Making Decoupage Birdhouses Are Actually Quite Simple.

Cut Pictures Birhouse
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Decorating a bird house is easy, if you can cut and paste, you already know most of the techniques involved. Basically, you cut out pictures; you glue the pictures onto an object; and then cover the object and pictures with a few coats of an outdoor sealant to protect it.

The result is a charming home for your feathered friends that adds a unique touch of flair to the garden.

Materials needed

  • bird house
  • Paper images
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Decoupage medium
  • Foam brushes
  • Sponge
  • Brayer
  • Polyurethane or comparable outdoor sealant

Prepare the surface

If it's an unfinished wood birdhouse you'll want to paint, stain or seal it before starting. Let it dry completely (at least 24 hours). No matter what the material, make sure the item is free of dirt, dust and any flaking paint. Do not begin to decoupage until it's clean and dry.

Decoupage Wooden Birdhouse
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Choose and apply images

Thin paper is best for decoupage projects because it will create minimal texture on the item's surface. Wallpaper, printed knapkins, gift-wrap, art posters and pages from old books are ideal as they are the right thickness and can provide ready-made designs. Use sharp scissors when cutting out images so the edges are crisp.

Decide where you want the pictures to go. Place them on the item's surface and lightly trace around each one with a pencil.

Remove the paper and spread a thin layer of a decoupage medium such as Mod Podge over the entire item using a foam brush. (A water-based white craft glue will work just as well when mixed with a couple of teaspoons of water.) You'll need to work quickly because the glue must be wet when the images are positioned on the surface.

Place the cut image in the designated area. Use a damp sponge and brayer (a small-handled roller used to smooth out the paper and prevent creases from forming) to get rid of any excess glue, water and air bubbles trapped underneath the paper. Work outward from the centre of the image as you smooth and flatten it. Check it frequently during the first hour to smooth out any air bubbles that may form as the glue dries.

Leave the item for at least one week, allowing the glue to cure completely before applying the varnish.

DIY Decoupage Bird Hous
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Finishing touches and tips

Once the sealant has cured, apply three to five coats (one per hour) of acrylic polyurethane (or a decoupage medium specifically designed for outdoor use) over the entire piece with a foam brush. Not only will it seal the paper to the piece and create a smooth surface, it will help protect the item from the elements.

A piece of decoupage that is placed in direct sunlight will fade over time. Extreme heat can also sometimes cause polyurethane finishes to de-laminate, so try to keep decoupage birdhouses out of direct sunlight when possible. The layers of sealers will help protect it, but taking a little extra care will ensure that your new work of art will last for many years to come.

Examples of Creative Decoupage Birdhouses:

Decoupage Birdhouse
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This sweet Country Rose Birdhouse by Oops a Daisy has been decoupaged and would look lovely in a country garden.

Green Ladybug Bird Hous
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This Green Ladybug Birdhouse by Fleur Designs is decoupaged with colorful mix of flowers around the sides. The decoratively painted green roof sports a copper finial topped with a little red and black-dotted button. Cute little ladybugs circle around the ball-footed base.

Song Birds Birdhouse
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Field Guid Birdhouse
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Made from discarded library books and other salvaged finds, these repurposed birdhouses are the ultimate in upcycling. David Vissat, the man behind Wild Wings Literary Lodgings, designs these delightful birdhouses using pages from the vintage hardcover books and field guides to decorate the outside, the books themselves as roofs and carefully selected corresponding perches as the perfect finishing touch. These decoupage birdhouses are meant to complement indoor spaces on a bookshelf or mantle piece, rather than being exposed to the outdoor elements.

Decoupage Mixed Media Bird Hous
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Decoupage Mixed Media Rustic Bird House by Renee Miller

Decoupage and bead bird hous
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Christmas Birdhouse by Warren Dotson. Decoupage w/crackle finish on wood, accented w/wooden beads and acrylic patina.

How to Decoupage BIrdhous
Colorful Decoupage Bird Hous
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Linda Wiggen Kraft shows you step by step how she made this fun and colorful decoupage bird house. She starts with photos that are cut out in their almost complete form. Many of the edges will be covered with other photos, so not every photo needs crisp cuts all around. The back and front of each paper cut is covered in glue and layered onto the surface. She finally sprayed all sides and the bottom to protect the papers and to slow down the UV fading.

Make Wooden Birdhoue
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In this HGTV do-it-yourself project they show you step-by-step on how to transform two wooden birdhouses with decoupage. Project: How to Decoupage Birdhouses.

Butterfly Birdhouse
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I love the colors of this decoupaged Dragonfly Birdhouse, a Project.

Decoupage Gourd Birdhoue
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These decoupaged gourd birdhouses by Vivian Byrd are a beautiful example of how you can also decoupage on dried gourds turning them into decorative birdhouses.

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