Decorative Garden Stakes

Decorative garden stakes are an easy way to insert color and whimsy into outdoor living areas.

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Garden stakes that are decorative are the quickest way to insert color and whimsy into your home and garden. Liven up an indoor plant, decorate your balcony or patio entrance, or use yard stakes outdoors as playful garden accents.

Decorative garden stakes can make truly conversation pieces of art for any garden lover and when decorating your garden with stakes, the sky and your imagination is the limit. You can have as much fun and be as creative as you want, and you will find that they are one of the best yard or garden decorations that you can use to add some life, fun, color and interest to your outdoor areas.

Garden stakes are not only a creative way to add artistic personality to any outdoor area, but they also make for functional decorative garden accessories with many uses, such as:

  • provide support for flowers and plants
  • used to hang garden baskets, wind chimes, candle lanterns, etc.
  • create boundaries in your garden, particularly if you closely share yards with your next-door neighbors
  • serve as a perfect way of labeling your plants and trees
  • as hose guides, to help prevent your garden hose from flattening flowers or getting caught up in the shrubbery and causing damage
  • support for garden lighting such as tea-light holders or decorative solar lights
  • used to support decorative bird houses, bird feeders or even bird baths
  • give your guests a warm-hearted welcome with a garden sign or when you line a garden path with whimsical stakes
  • many people like to change out garden stakes seasonally and for holidays. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, and scarecrow garden stakes are a few examples of the many different types of special occasion stakes you can use to decorate your yard

Whether you are looking for something practical, an accessory, or both, the following articles will provide many decorative garden stakes projects, tips and ideas to match your needs, budget, creative abilities and style of garden.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and creative ideas on how to create and decorate with garden stakes.

Please check back often for updates.

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