Decorative Bird Houses

Birdhouses are a common accessory to backyard decor. Selecting or making decorative bird houses depends on several factors including species and climate and of course personal taste. The decorative beauty of a bird house, alone, is enough to enhance your outdoor birdscape.

decorative bird houses
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Birds are a joy to the eye and to the ear. Their brilliant colors, varied songs, and entertaining behavior adds to the general beauty and relaxation of any garden. And the accessories we provide for them in the form of baths, houses, and feeders often have a charm all of their own.

Integrate the simple needs of birds-water, food and shelter from predators-into an ornamental garden.

Although strictly utilitarian structures are no doubt fine from the birds’ point of view, a whimsical approach to their design and decoration is more fun for human observers.

Find or make one with a decorative pattern to compliment your existing backyard decor or paint one to match the color of your home or backyard shed, you can even make one that is totally strange to add whimsy and humor to your garden.

Decorative bird houses can be put just about anywhere outside your home, but try to place your bird house in a direction where the entrance hole faces away from prevailing winds and rain. Your bird house should have proper ventilation and drainage. Where you place your decorative bird houses may vary, depending on what type of bird you are trying to attract. Mount one on a pole in your garden or simply attach one to a tree. Cavern nesting birds will take advantage of an empty home no matter where it’s mounted.

From the traditional wooden birdhouses to the weird and wacky, here are some creative projects, tips and ideas of the different types of unique, decorative bird houses:


Rustic Bird Houses
Rustic bird houses harmonized with their natural environment blending in subtly with the color and texture of the trees and branches in the yard camouflaging them from predators.

Hollow Log Bird Houses
For a natural looking birdhouse, try making one from a hollow log. Some birds prefer these over manmade birdhouses. It's an easy project to do.


Driftwood Bird Houses
There is so much beauty in nature that making birdhouses from natural items for your home and garden from driftwood or other rustic material can be as stylish as it is cost effective.


Decoupage Bird Houses
Decoupage birdhouses allow you to decorate a birdhouse without painting a stroke. By cutting or tearing designs from decorative napkins, giftwrap, pictures, decorative paper or even old books, you can create a magnificent home for the discerning bird!

..Attract Song Birds with Birch Bark Nesting Boxes
Practically every home owner likes to have song birds nest around their house. If you want to attract these joyful friends to your home it is easy to do so by providing nesting boxes for them, and you can make these for almost nothing.


This page is under construction with lots of great projects, tips and ideas on building and embellishing decorative bird houses and free bird house building plans.

Please check back often for updates
Bird House  Building Plans Bird House Building Plans (Coming Soon!)
Here you will find lots of free plans and tutorials on how to build a wooden bird house.
Stone Bird Houses Stone Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Stone bird houses are an attraction to the birds but also provide a unique decorative appeal. Stones, pebbles and river rock are wonderful, natural "found" objects from nature that are not only cost effective but also readily available.
Barn Wood Bird Houses Barn Wood Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Create a rustic looking home for your feather friends with old recycled barn wood.
Face Bird Houses Face Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Add humor to your garden with a wacky face bird house.
Gourd Bird Houses Gourd Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Hard-shelled gourds cure with a rigid, woody shell that can be drilled, etched, carved, sanded, painted, burned and stained, just like wood.
Living-Roof Bird Houses Living-Roof Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Welcome your feathered friends to your garden with a living-roof or green-roof birdhouse. They are as decorative as they are functional, planted with assorted succulents, sedums, and other drought tolerant plants.
Mosaic Bird Houses Mosaic Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
A decorative mosaic bird house adds beauty and charm to your yard. Functional garden art!
Western Boot Bird Houses Western Boot Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Add a little Western décor to your yard with this unique design.
Old Boot Bird Houses Old Boot Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Try creating unique bird houses from old work boots, otherwise destined for the dump.
Painted Bird Houses Painted Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
If you what to add a decorative touch to your backyard then being creative with painted birdhouses are as much fun to make as to watch birds nesting in them.
Recycled Objects Bird Houses Embellishing Bird Houses With Recycled Found Objects (Coming Soon!)
Embellishing and adorning birdhouses with recycled and found objects really puts your creativity to the test.
Flower Pot Bird Houses Flower Pot Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Painting a flower pot birdhouse is still practical and functional, and cute as they can be.
Cat Bird Houses Cat Bird Houses (Coming Soon!)
Add a touch of whimsy and humor to your garden with cat bird house.
Providing Nesting Materials Providing Nesting Materials (Coming Soon!)
You can help birds with their nesting chores by providing materials that birds will use to build their nests.
Displaying Your Bird House Collection Displaying Your Bird House Collection (Coming Soon!)
Discover creative ways to display your bird house collection.
Bird House Planters Bird House Planters (Coming Soon!)
Turn Your Birdhouse into a Planter. It not only provides an inviting home for feathered friends, but it also doubles as a planter to showcase a vibrant display of Mother Nature's finery.

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