Decorative Bird Feeders

Watching the antics of birds as they jostle for position at decorative bird feeders is great fun for the whole family. It is doubly satisfying when you know that the bird feeder being used is one of your own making.

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If you’ve never built decorative bird feeders then a wonderful adventure awaits you. Not only are they fun to build and a great way to ornament your yard, you’ll get to watch them being used by a fascinating variety of birds you may barely have known existed.

With a little imagination and very little effort, you can transform your backyard into a natural habitat for birds. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, or simply want to invite nature a little closer to your home, bird feeders put down the welcome mat for our avian friends.

There are many different types of bird feeders, so much so that you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing or making one. Never fear - if you do your research you'll find out that not all birds will use the same feeder, nor eat the same bird food.

In fact, you might find it a good idea to hang several feeders in your yard to attract different types of birds. The more you attract, the more enjoyable your birdwatching will be; plus, you'll be providing nutrition for many birds, which will ensure that they'll stay healthy.

Attracting bird life to your garden with a homemade bird feeder is an inexpensive job and one that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

The following projects, tips and techniques will give you ideas on how to build and decorate unique decorative bird feeders from the purely practical to the simply outrageous.

hanging dish birdfeeder

Hanging Dish Bird Feeders
Hanging and decorative dish or embellishing a plain one is easy to construct and will enhance any backyard, deck or patio while attracting flocks of birds to the seed.

rustic bird feeders

Rustic Bird Feeders
Making rustic bird feeders is easy and only requires a few basic hand tools, a few nails and a walk in the woods to gather materials.

Bird Feeder Wreaths

Natural Bird Feeder Wreaths
By decorating a grapevine wreath with millet sprays, dried sunflower heads, native berries and even suet balls, you and your local birds can enjoy a feeder that is both functional and beautiful.

driftwood brid feeder

Driftwood Bird Feeders
It is as much fun collecting the driftwood as it is creating these unique, one-of-a-kind bird feeders.

recycled glass bird feeders

Recycled Glass Bird Feeders
Attract birds with the beautiful color, texture and shape of glass and add some functional garden art to your yard.

green roof bird feeder

Green Roof Bird Feeders
Living roof or Green Roof bird feeders provide eco-friendly feeding stations to your frequent flyers and are a great way to add habitat to your garden and naturally filter rainwater.

hand painted bird feeder

Hand Painted Bird Feeder
You can be creative painting decorative bird feeders adding color and interest to your landscape and while feeding your hungry backyard birds.

barnwood bird feeders

Barn Wood Bird Feeders
Easy to make barn wood bird feeders. Reclaiming barn wood is a great way to recycle and feed your garden visitors at the same time.


This page is still under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and ideas on how to build and decorate your garden with bird feeders yet to come.

Please check back often for updates.

Easy Pinecone Bird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Pine cone bird feeders are a good way to invite feathered friends to your backyard. This is easy enough for even young children to help create.

Mosaic Bird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
A mosaic Bird Feeder creates a striking decorative addition to your garden landscape, bringing beauty and function to bird feeding.

Gourd Bird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Hard-shelled gourds cure with a rigid, woody shell that can be drilled, etched, carved, sanded, painted, burned and stained, just like wood.

Log Bird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Wild bird feeders can be fashioned from naturally occurring materials in your area, whether a simple log or even tree bark. You can hang pieces of bark or small logs with small holes bored in them that you have stuffed with peanuts, corn kernels, sunflower seeds or suet mixtures.

Tea Cup Bird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Recycling old tea cups and turning them into decorative bird feeders are a great way to add interest to your backyard sanctuary. Place these attractive feeders in flower beds and landscaped areas of your yard and start attracting a wide variety of birds!

Window Bird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Is there anything more thrilling than watching wild birds feeding right outside your window? Thoroughly entertaining, window bird feeders have also been shown to reduce bird window collisions as well.

Hummingbird Feeders (Coming Soon!)
Making homemade nectar and a feeder that will encourage hummingbirds to visit your garden or deck is easy and requires very little time.

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