Decorative Bird Baths

Decorative bird baths not only enhances and accentuates a garden with their distinguishing structures but they also provide hours of fun watching birds bathing.

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A birdbath provides life-sustaining water for all kinds of birds. It also puts the finishing touch on a beautiful garden. Place this ornamental feature in a well-considered spot where you can view it from the deck or patio, or from inside the house. You’re sure to enjoy it as much as the birds will.

The most popular bird baths are shallow basins. They require little maintenance, and birds are comfortable in them. A shallow bird bath, or one with a gentle slope to the middle, enables them to wade in. The deepest level should not be more than three inches.

Because birds like to have secure footing, the bottom of the basin-style birdbath should not be too smooth – textured surfaces are the most desirable. If you have a smooth or slippery basin to make your birdbath, a layer of stone, gravel, sea glass, shells, etc will make it more bird-friendly, and you can also use any of these to raise the base of a birdbath that may be too deep. If you can add a dripper or mister to the birdbath, it may attract even more birds, since they love moving water.

Here’s where whimsy can really come into play. Just about anything that will hold water ~ from an overturned garbage can lid to a one-of-a-kind shallow ceramic bowl ~ can make decorative bird baths.

concrete bird bath

Concrete Bird Baths
Enhancing gardens with concrete bird baths has a long-standing tradition. Setting out a water bath in a yard to serve as a lawn ornament is a centuries old practice. Find out how easy it is to make a bird bath from concrete.

Paint a Flower Pot Bird Bath
With a little paint and some glue, you can turn your tired old terra cotta pots into quite a charming piece for your garden.

rustic bird baths

Rustic Bird Baths
You can easily construct a rustic bird bath with branches and other found objects from nature.

Glass Bird Baths
The pretty colors, designs and texture of glass can make a stunning bird bath and a perfect garden accessory.

Lampshade Bird Baths
With a few simple supplies you can turn a vintage lampshade into a beautiful and functional bird bath.

Make a Bird Bath From a Decorative Lamp Base
Discover how recycling a decorative lamp base into a bird bath will give you a lively environment in your garden.


Glass Totem Bird Baths

Recycling and repurposing glass ware thrift finds such as bowls, plates, vases, candy dishes, bottles, etc., make wonderful bird baths ~ each one unique and fun to make.


This page is still under construction with lots of more projects, tips, techniques and ideas on how to decorate your garden with decorative bird baths.

Please check back often for updates.

How to Make a Concrete Leaf Shaped Bird Bath (Coming Soon!)
Make a decorative lightweight cast concrete leaf shaped bird bath for your backyard garden. Here you will find lots of ideas on how to make yours unique and one-of-a-kind.

Enhance Your Garden With a Decorative Mosaic Bird Bath (Coming Soon!)
Adding a beautiful mosaic bird bath provides a decorative source of drinking and bathing for your feathered friends.

Stone Bird Baths (Coming Soon!)
Stone bird baths are extremely durable and lasts for year and years. They are solid, attractive and natural looking which will attract birds to come in your garden.

Terra Cotta Bird Bath (Coming Soon!)
Discover how easy it is for you to provide wild birds with a safe place to get a drink and enjoy a nice relaxing bath with just a few terra cotta pots.

Grapevine Wreath Bird Baths (Coming Soon!)
Transform an ordinary grapevine wreath into a nestlike wading pool.

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