Creative Container Gardening Ideas

Container gardening ideas will add an artistic touch to the landscape - unique garden containers and decorative planters add color, form and texture and can bring a sense of style and tradition or even whimsy to an otherwise bare garden.

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When starting a garden, go for planters that let you be creative with your gardening pursuits. Be original in the way you utilize your garden planters and you'll bring a new and creative dimension to your garden and home.

Your container can be anything you choose from the traditional terra cotta pot or plastic pot to an antique kitchen sink that you find in your travels and anything in between. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

As with any kind of artwork, seek out and acquire what you love. Whether it’s an antique urn or an old chair, or a brand-new pot painted in extravagant colors, unique garden containers will find a spot in your garden as a quintessential expression of your personality and style.

One of the joys of creative container gardening is decorating your own pots, giving them exactly the right color scheme to suit the plants and their surroundings. Decorating pots is an undervalued and under-explored art. The majority of plant pots sold in garden centers are plain brown which people assume is the color they have to be.

The most enticing aspect of gardening in containers is the freedom it gives you to experiment and have fun.

As the following projects and container gardening ideas show, plant pots are like empty canvases, you can transform an ordinary flower pot into something special or even one-of-a-kind, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many media to choose from that it is an easy matter to find one that suits your decorative style.


This page is under construction with lots of projects, tips, techniques and creative ideas on how to create and decorate with garden containers.

Please check back often for updates.

Decorate with Garden Containers Decorate with Garden Containers (Coming Soon!)
Old Chair Planters Old Chair Planters (Coming Soon!)
Recycled Tire Garden Planters Recycled Tire Garden Planters (Coming Soon!)
Repurposed Garden Containers Repurposed Garden Containers (Coming Soon!)
Head Garden Planters Head Garden Planters (Coming Soon!)
Old Boot Flower Planters Old Boot Flower Planters (Coming Soon!)
Decoupage Flower Pots Decoupage Flower Pots (Coming Soon!)
Gutter Gardens Gutter Gardens (Coming Soon!)
Hanging Baskets Hanging Baskets (Coming Soon!)
Living Wreaths Living Wreaths (Coming Soon!)
Mosaic Garden Pots Mosaic Garden Pots (Coming Soon!)
Painted Flower Pots Painted Flower Pots (Coming Soon!)
Vertical Gardening Vertical Gardening (Coming Soon!)
Hypertufa Garden Planters Hypertufa Garden Planters (Coming Soon!)
Window Boxes Window Boxes (Coming Soon!)
Garden Topiaries Garden Topiaries (Coming Soon!)
Statuary Planters Statuary Planters (Coming Soon!)

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