Natural Bird Feeder Wreaths

Natural bird feeder wreaths attract more birds during the holiday season and meet their dietary needs.

Natural Bird Feeder Wreaths

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Entice your winter birds to a holiday feast with a home-made bird feeder wreath by Robins Nesting Place.

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The red bow and artificial poinsettia gives this Winter Bird Food Wreath again made by Robin’s Nesting Place a perfect wreath to hang for the holidays. As well as pine cones rolled in peanut butter and seed mix, she tied whole peanuts in shell to the wreath and draped strung popcorn and raisins around it. A very festive feast!

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All natural bird feeder wreaths attracts plenty of company for its colorful resident. The birds will find it irresistible! Photo Source: FunFallCrafts

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Funeral Wreaths for the Birds by JW Blooms. JW wanted to make a more sustainable funeral wreath. A traditional wreath usually consists of an Oasis ring, backed with hard plastic. Although the flowers would be compostable, the non-recyclable nature of the rest of it means most wreaths, sadly, end up in landfills.

Offering an environmentally-friendly alternative that would bring benefit to the birds and stop a traditional-style wreath ending up in the garbage is an excellent idea.

In the fall you can use wild grain, corn, wild berries, dry sprays like millet, heads of sunflowers, homemade suet, peanut butter, peanuts, cranberries etc. In the spring and summer you can cover it with fresh fruit.

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This bird feeder wreaths base is made from wisteria vines twisted to form a 9" circumference wreath. Millet spray, natural dried sunflower, pinecones stuffed with peanut butter and black sunflower seeds, unsalted peanuts, and for a touch of color, oat cereal loops. All items are tied on the wreath with wool yarn and a burlap bow tops it all. No glue or wires to harm visiting birds. By Birdy JJ’s Nest

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Avian Fantasy Natural Bird Feeder Wreaths from the Wreath Depot. Here is a Wreath that all of your feathered friends will appreciate. Hang it on a Garden Gate, Tree, Shed or Fence Post and enjoy the show. Contains: Poppy Pods, Flax, Millet and Red Broom Corn.

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Bird feeder wreaths by A Little Piece of Me. These simple feeders made with grapevines wreaths and pinecones rolled in peanut butter and then in bird seed, some millet intertwined and whole peanuts stuffed amongst the vine.

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These wreaths are easy to make by twisting and wrapping non-poisonous vines in a circle. Smear peanut butter around it and add seeds. A great and easy project to make with kids by Barefoot Child. Getting children involved in birding is the best way to get them interested in nature.

This Winter Bird Feeder Wreaths featured in the above "how-to video", is a sideways bird seed wreath where the birds can eat both the sprays of millet, winterberry, and sunflower heads, as well as seed in the center tray.

A spatter screen with the handle cut off is attached to the bottom side of the grapevine wreath to make a tray to hold bird seed. Decorated with natural materials and a pinecone with peanut butter, cornmeal, raisins, and sunflower seeds hangs in the center.

Millet is is an important food source for many birds, it is packed full of protein and carbohydrates

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There is something special about watching birds feed in a more natural setting. An edible bird wreath is a beautiful addition to any backyard bird feeding station. How to: by Susan Kelly

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A Natural Bird Feeder Autumn Sunflower Head. Sunflower seeds are a good source of protein for birds. Sunflower plants make perfect natural bird feeders. Once the plant has grown to maturity, the seeds will dry out in the sun and the sunflower head will wilt.

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Eye-catching holiday seed wreath offers a tasty mix of wild bird favorites. Solid seed decoration includes highly desired black oil sunflower seed, shelled peanuts, millet, and colored safflower seed to entice backyard birds. Cardinal Delight Wreath
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Mini Fruitcake Wreath Decorate your winterscape with an extra-special treat of Mini-Fruitcake Wreaths, packed with fruit, corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds. Attracts woodpeckers, jays, cardinals, titmice, nuthatches and more. Clear wrapped, hung with a red jute ribbon. 3 inches in diameter.

Create a beautiful fat garland for garden birds by Badut. This beautiful fat wreath is a pure celebration for garden birds love the wreath and its delicious fillings.

Find a form that already has the shape of a wreath, here a silicone baking tray is used.

Tie a small wreath of branches from the garden that fits into the mold. Birch, larch, red or blue, willow and hazel, for example, (or any non-poisonous vines). Tie branch or vine ring together with binder yarns (thin wire used to bind wreaths) and make a loop at the top so the finished wreath can be hung.

Adding a vine or branch wreath to the center is important because the birds often sit on top of the rim to feed. The wreath being eaten away at the top and therefore falls down. With a branch wreath in the center, that gap of the ring will stick together until eaten up. Moreover the wreath will be beautiful to look at while the birds gradually drain it of fat when there is a small branch wreath inside.

Add branch wreath into the mold and fill with nuts, raisins and seeds. Nuts that have been rancid and raisins are dried is perfect. Melt the lard or palm oil in a pan. Let it cool a little and pour it into the mold. For this wreath, I used 1 kg of fat, but the amount depends of course on your form.

Let the shape cool (refrigerator is perfect) until the fat is solidified. Take the ring out of shape and hang it up somewhere where you can see it from your windows and where the birds can eat safely. The best place is in a tree or some shrubs.

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This bird seed wreath by La Dolce Vita is made with unflavored gelatin. She uses 4 packages of gelatin with water adds 8 cups of birdseed and then spoons the mixture into a greased bundt pan and puts it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. She removes the wreath from the mold and then allows it to dry overnight or longer if necessary. Placing it on a cooling rack will help the air circulate. The wreath should be very solid when completely dry. Then she uses a bit of raffia tied around the wreath and hangs it up for the birds to feast on.

Winter Feeding

Winter feeding is the more important and practical phase of feeding bird. With the arrival of cold weather and snow their natural food becomes scarce. But a warning must be given at this point. Do not start to winter-feed and then give it up. Once feeding is begun, it must be continued; if not, you may be guilty of killing hundreds of birds. Winter feeding make birds dependent upon man and if it is stopped there is no substitute for this source of supply which has lured the birds from their natural wintering quarters. If you have enticed birds into your “dining room,” and invited them to be your guests, you must see them through, and provide for them the entire winter.

Begin the feeding in early fall or later summer. Local birds will be the first to become familiar with the facilities and frequent your premises. They will attract migrating birds who will also feed. Gradually the newcomers will become acquainted with the surroundings and adapt themselves to the conditions they find. Then, as the colder weather comes they will be ready for it.

After your feeding program gets under way, follow through faithfully without missing a single feeding, because the natural food supply has been depleted. Sufficient food and water must be available at all times. Continue feeding through late winter and well into spring when the birds can again eat insects, berries, and seeds.

~ Walter E. Schutz, How to Attract, House and Feed Birds

Natural Bird Feeder Wreaths.

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