Attract Song Birds with
Birch Bark Nesting Boxes

Make your own birch bark nesting boxes to attract the song birds in your neighborhood

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Practically every home owner likes to have song birds nest around their house, as the peppery little wrens, robins, bluebirds, woodpeckers and other common species not only appeal strongly to one’s interest and affection, but are a distinct economic asset, since they feed on noxious insects and on the seeds of wild plants or weeds that are not welcome in the garden.

If you want to attract these feathered friends to your home it is easy to do so by providing birch bark nesting boxes for them, and you can make these at home for almost nothing. With no more than a saw, hammer, nails, and some birch bark, anyone can make a wide variety of bird boxes of pleasing design that will not only look good to the songsters, but will also add a delightful touch to the garden.

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I love all the branches, twigs, pine cones and birch bark added to this little wren nesting box. Embellishing with all these natural found objects really add a nature rustic appeal that any bird would be thrilled to build their nest in. Source: lilacsandroses.

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Nesting box covered with birch bark, twigs and moss by Connie Jo Smith.

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Birch Bird House made from peeled birch bark and spanish moss. Source: Jason Krase

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Eco-friendly white birch, trimmed with striped maple. They have a removable bottom for cleaning out the nest each year. Source: appalachinaspring.

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Whether providing a home or just feeding your feathered friends, this rustic birch bird house with built in feeder will serve the purpose. A delight in any garden. By

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Birch log bird house by Authentic Birdhouses. Made from fallen logs recovered from the forests of Idaho and Oregon. No live trees were cut to make these eco-friendly homes for our feathered friends.

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Woodland birch bark nesting boxes by myonceuponamuse. To make this bird box she first covered the birdhouse with birch bark and then gathered all types of moss, tree trunk growths and lichen as well as young spring sprouts coming up that looked like little mushrooms to create a woodland inspired birdhouse.

Song Birds & Birch Bark Nesting Boxes

How his first salute to spring electrifies us with good cheer! The sparrow’s wiry little trill has scarcely roused the sleeping choir at dawn when he begins a subdued warble, which gradually increases with the morning light until, his throat attuned and all his powers fully alert, he bursts at last into a splendid exuberant performances which so delight us. Everybody knows it. Heard at its best, none is more exhilarating and few are more beautiful, fur even his own meditative, tender, warbled even-song excels the matins. Then there are two less familiar strains give before and after rain, the exquisite love song without words yet perfectly understood, a call of caution to his mate, a clear, vigorous ringing military alarm, a signal to take wing, a summons to his comrade when they have gathered in an autumn flock, a self-conscious brag, an outburst of temper, endearing, coaxing notes for the young, scoldings for the cat, and so on through the gamut of his experiences. There appears to be a different vocal expression for each. And he has an old trick of humming to himself with his mouth closed, as if practicing for public recital, --the most humorous performance of all, if you have the good fortune to surprise him at it.

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Why Birds Sing
It is only the male birds that sing. For the same reason that a rooster crows--to challenge his rivals or to make a favorable impression on the hens of his acquaintance -- does a bird sign, and the more refined and beautiful his voice the higher does he rank in the books. Bird music means vastly more that a crow, gobble, boom, or drumming. It indicates the triumph of the higher nature over the lower; it may become the expression of those qualities which we usually associate with soul.

When Birds Sing
In February before we have begun to look for pussy-willows or skunk - cabbages, the song-sparrow's sweet, sprightly “merry cheer” opens the concert of bird music. Presently robins, bluebirds, blackbirds, and other migrants returning from the south in advance of the females, burst into joyous songs of expectancy, every day adding some new minstrel to the choir, until toward the end of spring the birds are holding such a May festival. Late in the merry month nearly every throat that can make music is rippling, whistling and warbling its utmost best; for a bird’s season of song usually corresponds with its nesting season.

Some musicians, it is true, attune their voice long before the courting days, yet in anticipation of them; and they still have enough vitality left after they have helped raise two broods and have molted their feathers, to express enjoyment of life in song. Either or both of these physical strains is enough to stop some birds’ melody altogether. One rarely hears a bobolink after the fourth of July. Few birds, indeed attempt to sing after family cares and midsummer heat and the growing of new feathers deject their spirits. Such as continue through these ordeals usually drop so many notes that one can scarcely recognize the broken fragments of their real song. But after the new suit of clothes is well on, whether it is joy in the possession of them or a returned sense of physical well-being,in early autumn a second singing usually begins--no os long, nor so exuberant, nor so pleasing, but still a welcomer reminder of spring joys.

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